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Another unique product by VIVIAN, Italy, expanding the limits of household cleaning by implementing the amazing qualities of silicone in a special, new broom. The Future silicone broom is composed of a rigid chassis, encased in flexible silicone in a special process of injection molding. Suitable for use in private households, hospitals, public institutions etc, the silicone makes Future silicone broom super-durable: it does not warp or deform, withstands high temperatures and, therefore is suitable for sterilizing at high temperatures up to 520?F / 260?C using steam or water. It is also super efficient: the electrostatic poles created by the sweeping friction attract dust particles and help the broom collect dirt, animal hair and other particles more efficiently. The Future silicone broom is designed for maximal comfort and efficiency, like all VIVIAN products: a special bumper-belt around the broom protects furniture from harm, and although applying minimal pressure while sweeping is the best way to use the broom, a sparkling-clean effect is achieved with virtually no effort. Perfect sweeping - easier and efficient cleaning. Electrostatic sweeping - Catches dust particles, hair and dirt using static electricity. Nothing sticks - due to silicone low surface energy – dirt accumulated During use can be easily washed off with tap water. Strong and durable: The elastic bristles don’t wear out, collapse, deform or warp during use and in storage. Durable at high temperatures of up to 520?F/260?C Can be cleaned and revitalized with boiling water or sterilized in an Auto Clave using steam (for anti bacteria treatment). Silicone belt protection bumper on broom contour prevents harm to furniture. Suitable for use in private households, hospitals, clinics, senior citizen homes, public institutions etc. New technology: liquid silicone injection on rigid metal chassis - strong, one piece product.

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