the future silicon broom   silicon floor squeegee

The special qualities of silicone have been utilized, in recent years, by various industries in many areas and ways: electronics, cookware, medical applications, and more – all crowned silicone as their new ‘prince of materials’.Silicone can serve as an insulator as well as a conductor when it comes to electricity; it is thermally stable and can withstand high temperatures; it can repel water; has low chemical reactivity and low toxicity; and best of all – it does not stick.Adding to all of the above the possibility to design and mold silicone into numerous shapes, textures and colors made it the perfect material for VIVIAN’s engineers and designers. When searching for the right material for their new, innovative line of household cleaning aids they chose to develop two new products that will utilize the best in silicone. Sterilization, durability, efficiency and user friendliness were the key principals that lead to the patent pending Future Silicone Broom and the Silicone Squeegee.

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