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A special, innovative design, using the unique benefits of silicone for more hygienic and efficient cleaning. Suitable for use in private households, hospitals, public institutions etc, the silicone squeegee requires minimal pressure while wiping the floor and can be sterilized at high temperatures up to 520?F / 260?C using steam or water. Designed for maximal comfort and efficiency as are all VIVIAN products, the squeegee is flexible and has special bumpers on both sides to protect furniture from harm, while leaving the floor perfectly clean in no-time. Wipes, washes and polishes perfectly in an efficient and effortless way. Durable, flexible blade - does not wear out, withstands heat, cold, and outdoor exposure. Equipped with silicon bumpers to protect household furniture. High-quality plastic frame with a silicon blade, durable at high temperatures of up to 520?F / 260?C. Can be cleaned and revitalized with tap water, boiling water or steam (for sterilization).

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